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About Us

The favourite store of crafters across the city of Mumbai for over 40 years now, we bring this online website with a perfect blend of high quality Indian yarns along with various other craft accessories.

Pradhan Embroidery Stores was set up in the early 1970’s with the intent to provide knitting and crochet supplies in the busy city of Bombay at Fort, near VT station. It was meant to be a “ladies” store and thus stocked laces, trimmings, ribbons, yarns and even cosmetics and imitation jewellery over the years.

As time passed by and the crafters across India became more tech-savvy, we realized the need to get our business on the internet. We got a lot of encouragement from our customers to get ourselves on the online platform. Crafters from across India visited our store during their visit to Mumbai and suggested to us that Pradhan Embroidery Stores has to be featured on the web! This gave birth to our Facebook store in early 2010.

It was a slow and steady start running our online store through Facebook and Ravelry. Our service was loved by many crafters across India and reputation spread through word of mouth. We carried on winning our customers’ confidence through our dedicated customer service and providing them with best quality Indian yarns in various compositions and varieties.

The transition from our Facebook page to this website was not easy and instant. It took a lot of hard work to work out the skeleton and layout of this website. We wanted a very user friendly web page which would be comfortable for all age groups. Our “small” team kept working hard to get this website where it is now! We worked very hard with enthusiasm and belief of creating something spectacular. And the result looks very promising!

We are so grateful to our customers. With their constant support and encouragement, we have grown up to where we are now – People’s FAVOURITE online yarn store in India.

We really hope you enjoy your stay at our website and have a pleasurable experience shopping with us. Happy Crafting!

Our Sitemap:

100% Cotton Yarns

Anchor Embroidery Floss/Thread

Laura Knitting Cotton

Special Knitting Cotton

Anchor Knitting Cotton

Anchor Pearl Cotton

Anchor Red Heart

Anchor No.20 Crochet Cotton

Anchor No. 40 Tatting/ Crochet Cotton

Baroque Crochet Cotton

Miscellaneous Threads

Cotton Metallic Yarns

Red Rose Metallic No. 20

Redrose Metallic Knitting Cotton

100% Acrylic Yarns

Wendy Brilon

3ply Acrylic

4ply Acrylic

8ply Acrylic

Shaded 3ply

Variegated Acrylic 4ply RANGOLI

Vardhman Baby Soft

Vardhman Baby Soft (Jar Pack)

Indian Ice Batik

Ganga Hobby India Multicolor

Ganga Hobby India

Ganga Zebra

Bulky Acrylic(new)

Ganga Safari Bulky-2-toned

Ganga Spectrum

Acrylic Nylon Blends

Variegated Reverse Twist 4ply

Vardhman Millennium



Fun Feathers

100% Pure Wool


Undyed Pure Wool

J. Sagar Baby Pure Wool

Oswal Winter King

Wendy Aristocrat

Ganga Merino Pure Wool

Ganga Warm and Soft

Acrylic Wool Blends

Vardhman Lamb Hair

Oswal Mohairlon

Artificial/ PP Yarns


Purse Thread

Macrame Cord

Malai Dori

Anchor Stitch Kits

Anchor Long Stitch Kits AIM3

Anchor Long Stitch Kits AMP1

Anchor Super Classic Cross Stitch Kits

Bag Handles/Accessories

Bag Magnets


Wooden Handles

Long Beaded Handles

Golden, Silver, Antique Metal Handles


Acrylic (Plastic) Handles

Knit Pro Faux Leather Handles

Knit Pro Genuine Leather Handles


Baby Knitting & Crochet Pattern Leaflets

Grown Ups Knitting Patterns

Crochet Books

Knitting Books

Cross Stitch Books



Black Elastics

White Elastics

Knitting and Crochet Accessories

Knitpro NOVA Fixed Circular Needles

Tulip Steel Crochet Hooks/Needles

KnitPro WAVES - Crochet Hooks/Needles With Soft Feel Grips

KnitPro Steel Crochet Hooks/Needles With Black Soft Feel Grips

Single Ended Tunisian Hooks/Needles



Knitpro NOVA Knitting Needles

Matty Cloth & Canvas

Matty Cloth

Tapestry Canvas

Nylon Ribbon 1.5 Inch

Satin Ribbons

1/8th Inch Satin Ribbon

1/4th Inch Satin Ribbon

1/2 Inch Satin Ribbon

1 Inch Satin Ribbon

Sewing & Machine Accessories

Tailoring Scissors

Half Shutter Machine Accessories

Full Shutter Machine Accessories


Sewing Threads


Shuttle Without Bobbin

Wooden Embroidery Rings/ Hoops

Contact us

Pradhan Embroidery Stores

125/127 Bazar Gate Street, Perin Nariman Street,

Fort, Mumbai-400001.

022 - 22693049